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10 Tax Deductions the Self-Employed in Ireland can claim

If you’re self-employed (i.e. you work for yourself instead of an employer) or receive income from non-PAYE sources, you must register for self-assessment with Revenue. Self-assessment is where you calculate the income tax you owe for the tax year yourself, and it needs to be done every year when you file your tax returns. Fortunately,… Read More

Non Resident Landlord : Guide to Irish Tax Returns

The following blog post will act as a guide for non-resident landlords who need to learn about filing tax returns. The below guide will cover important issues, including: • The definition of a non-resident landlord: It is important to fully understand what exactly constitutes being classified as a non-residential landlord. • Tax paid by non-resident landlords:… Read More

Tips for Tracking Expenses for Your Self-Employed Tax Return

The October 31st deadline to file your self-employed tax return is quickly approaching. Many landlords and self-employed individuals resign themselves to spending these weeks scrambling to collect, sort and make some sense of receipts and supporting documentation for their deductible expenses. While claiming expenses is critical for self-employed people to offset their tax liability, preparing… Read More