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What Tax Relief is Available Under the Home Renovation Incentive?

All landlords have a legal duty to make sure their properties meet certain minimum physical standards. These standards were originally set back in 2008, but have since been updated, and came into force in July 2017. These new standards include some additional requirements for rental properties, with respect to windows located above a certain height,… Read More

Non Resident Landlord : Guide to Irish Tax Returns

The following blog post will act as a guide for non-resident landlords who need to learn about filing tax returns. The below guide will cover important issues, including: • The definition of a non-resident landlord: It is important to fully understand what exactly constitutes being classified as a non-residential landlord. • Tax paid by non-resident landlords:… Read More

Filing your self-assessment tax return – important rules to note

Are you preparing to file a tax return? For many small business owners, sole traders and landlords, filing a tax return can prove a troublesome process. There are just so many documents to gather, financial figures to note and deadlines to meet. There’s also a lot of different “rules” to contend with which can cause… Read More

When Are Tax Returns Due? A Complete Timeline of Deadlines

Filing an annual tax return is a necessary task for every self-employed person in Ireland. In preparation for filing tax returns, there are a number of key dates and deadlines that you need to keep in mind. To help you remember these dates and ensure you are properly prepared, we have compiled a complete timeline… Read More

Top 5 Most Common Mistakes When Filing an Income Tax Return

Filing income tax returns may be frustrating but it’s important to get them right. Although completion is annual, people still find the process confusing and most just want to get it over and done with. As a result, every year we see people miss out on tax relief because of simple mistakes. We want to… Read More

Self-Assessment and Income Tax Returns, What’s New?

The Finance Act 2012, introduced full self-assessment for taxpayers, via a part 41A of Tax Consolidation Act 1997. This new part to the tax legislation requires the taxpayer, or their agent, to self-assess when making income tax returns and allows for a penalty where no effort is made to file an income tax return. Full… Read More