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What Tax Relief is Available Under the Home Renovation Incentive?

All landlords have a legal duty to make sure their properties meet certain minimum physical standards. These standards were originally set back in 2008, but have since been updated, and came into force in July 2017. These new standards include some additional requirements for rental properties, with respect to windows located above a certain height,… Read More

What expenses to claim on your Rental Income Tax Return

If you receive rental income from residential or commercial property for any portion of the year, you are required to declare the income in an annual tax return. While both the process of filing and the prospect of owing additional tax may be daunting, especially for new or unintentional landlords, there is good news. Many… Read More

5 Things To Note When Filing a Rental Income Tax Return

If you receive income from rental properties or from renting out holiday homes, then you must declare these properties to Revenue. You will also need to file a rental income tax return related to any income earned from leasing out those properties. This includes rental income from properties abroad and rental income from an Irish… Read More