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Tips for Tracking Expenses for Your Self-Employed Tax Return

The October 31st deadline to file your self-employed tax return is quickly approaching. Many landlords and self-employed individuals resign themselves to spending these weeks scrambling to collect, sort and make some sense of receipts and supporting documentation for their deductible expenses. While claiming expenses is critical for self-employed people to offset their tax liability, preparing… Read More

What is Self-Assessment?

All self-employed people, including individuals with revenue streams from all sources e.g. rental income and foreign investments, must make a self-assessment to Revenue. While it’s easy to see self-assessment in a negative light, the self-assessment process can actually give you greater control over your taxes and empower you to better manage your business-related finances. Share:

When Are Tax Returns Due? A Complete Timeline of Deadlines

Filing an annual tax return is a necessary task for every self-employed person in Ireland. In preparation for filing tax returns, there are a number of key dates and deadlines that you need to keep in mind. To help you remember these dates and ensure you are properly prepared, we have compiled a complete timeline… Read More

Self-Assessment and Income Tax Returns, What’s New?

The Finance Act 2012, introduced full self-assessment for taxpayers, via a part 41A of Tax Consolidation Act 1997. This new part to the tax legislation requires the taxpayer, or their agent, to self-assess when making income tax returns and allows for a penalty where no effort is made to file an income tax return. Full… Read More