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Self-employed? Find out how to file your tax returns

Filing your tax returns can seem like a daunting prospect—there is much conflicting information online about self-employed tax returns. In fact, it can be difficult to know the circumstances under which the law stipulates that you need to file your own tax return. You want to ensure that you are paying the amount of tax… Read More

20 Questions About Rental Tax Returns

If you’re an Irish landlord, there’s a good chance you’ll have wondered what to do when it comes to filing a landlord tax return. We’ve gathered 20 of the most frequently asked questions posted by landlords in Ireland on this subject, given them to our experts to answer and compiled this comprehensive rental tax return… Read More

Tips for Tracking Expenses for Your Self-Employed Tax Return

The October 31st deadline to file your self-employed tax return is quickly approaching. Many landlords and self-employed individuals resign themselves to spending these weeks scrambling to collect, sort and make some sense of receipts and supporting documentation for their deductible expenses. While claiming expenses is critical for self-employed people to offset their tax liability, preparing… Read More

What is Self-Assessment?

All self-employed people, including individuals with revenue streams from all sources e.g. rental income and foreign investments, must make a self-assessment to Revenue. While it’s easy to see self-assessment in a negative light, the self-assessment process can actually give you greater control over your taxes and empower you to better manage your business-related finances. What… Read More

Filing Tax Returns – 10 Key Terms Explained

Filing tax returns can be a difficult process to understand, whether it’s your first time or indeed your tenth time to do so. It’s easy to become confused with so many unfamiliar terms to comprehend. You need not fret however as expert tax return help is available! To make things easier for you, our team… Read More

What Being An Airbnb Host Means for Your Taxes

If you’re an Airbnb host or have been in the past, you need to be aware that Airbnb has announced they are legally required to inform the Revenue Commissioners with details of Irish homeowner’s income derived from them. Previously, many Airbnb hosts believed these monies were not subject to tax, as they believed they were… Read More